Aussie gal kicks butt in Bianchi Cup

I’m gonna write a blog post about this, because the odds are you haven’t heard about it yet (actually this is weeks after the fact because I only just heard about it!).

An Australian woman won the NRA Action Pistol Women's Division Champions at the Bianchi Cup this year!

What’s the Bianchi Cup, you say? Only the world’s most prestigious event in Action Shooting! Check it.

Anita is by no means the first Aussie woman to win the women’s division in this event (in fact, she's won it before!), but this year she did set a new record for a female shooter at the Bianchi Cup, winning the High Woman award with a score of 1916-166x.

The lovely Julie Golob, who kept a video blog for each day of the event, spoke highly of Anita, and predicted her win, stating how awesome Anita’s performance was, on the second day:

Julie also posted a photo of the winners on her Facebook page (Anita is third from the left):

Congratulations Anita, well done!