Getting started - A girl's first day at the range - Part 1

So, keen to visit a shooting range but not sure how to get started? 

Here's some basics on what to bring and what to expect...

Find a club

You can google clubs in your local area, or visit the website of one of Australia's sporting shooter organisations, they will have a listing of member clubs in each state.

Sporting Shooter's Association of Australia

Pistol Australia

While you're on these websites, have a look at the different shooting disciplines (styles of shooting) offered by each organisation, and think about which styles you'd like to try.

DO ring first and have a chat with a club official before attending a match.

What to bring

The contact for your chosen club should give you more information on this (if not, ask them). Each club has their own rules, but in general, bring the following items, if you have them:

What to wear


Most clubs will have a safety or range officer present, who will advise you how to behave safely while shooting is in progress (and if they don't, I would seriously consider finding a new club). But these general rules will serve you well:

More tips to come....